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RV College of Engineering (RVCE) KCET Cutoff 2019

RV College of Engineering KCET cutoff 2019, fee, and seat matrix will give you all updated information on B.Tech closing rank in each KCET admission round. All data is collected from KCET KEA official website after each round of KCET allocation happens. We are developing a College and course compare product at collegepredictor.ai.

Ranks and seat matrix will give one an idea about how fast the seats are taken at a specific institute or university. This will help students making decisions on where to apply and which course to expect in various rounds. To easily access cutoff information about KCET Cutoffs and closing ranks we made a college predictor tool. Do refer to the tool below. For top engineering colleges in Karanataka do check Top Engineering colleges Karantaka Affiliated to VTU.

KCET Cutoff and College Predictor

The seats are divided between Karnataka and General seats for various categories ranging between General Merit, Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe and various other backward categories. Round wise cutoffs, detailed seat matrix and vacant seats for RV College of Engineering in 2019 is given below along with Fee information.

RVCE Bangalore is a Private Un-Aided institute and comes under Bangalore region. For cutoffs do check following information.

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RVCE Bangalore Fee structure for Engineering (B.Tech) in 2019

College CodeCollege NameSeat TypeGMOBC (2A,2B,3A,3B)SC/ST (Below 10 Lakhs income)CAT 1 (Below 2.5 Lakhs income)CAT 1 (Above 2.5 Lakhs income)
E005RVCE Bangalore Type 1 58,806 58,806 500 40,216 58,806
E005RVCE Bangalore Type 2 65,340 65,340 500 46,750 65,340
E005RVCE Bangalore SNQ 4,090 4,090 500 500 4,090

RVCE Bangalore KCET 2019 Engineering Seat Matrix

Electronics & Communication Engineering2815201912200200301812200979
Computers Science & Engineering2825201811201200301911200979
Mechanical Engineering1913200601111100101501200652
Electrical & Electronics Engineering912000300100100100300101326
Civil Engineering1914100611100101200601100652
Industrial Engineering Management911100301100100100301000326
Chemical Engineering611000200000000100200101217
Telecommunication Engineering912100200100111100300000326
Information Science & Engineering902110300100101100200000325
Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering1002100201100100110301000327
Aero Space Engineering912100201100100000301100326

Fee Structure | Seat Matrix | Cutoff Round 1 | Cutoff Round 2 | Cutoff Round 3 | Cutoffs Round 4 |

RVCE Bangalore KCET 2019 Engineering Round 1 cutoff ranks

Aero Space Engineering938335417672445001339030332766001494000008654011777238200
Chemical Engineering1806113632519000615600000000382000181950011672043598
Civil Engineering357082475728530500598515376740361420043000581864310012354013878522700
Computers Science & Engineering60230347729078844211957343920298021400233060915735689221325800
Electrical & Electronics Engineering520317818160001423004725001505001017005219003940010619
Electronics & Communication Engineering23880276010880177070124961823151800813004850849444890745555261600
Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering12590720768210059790207631141700229700164417975024877057946000
Industrial Engineering Management6793247857452203470010700029345115840077180092410042502044787000
Information Science & Engineering2880860964115400717002228004230180240500335200000
Mechanical Engineering780266225904064002077045141440226971596912990019220379810889012817974900
Telecommunication Engineering1893944173401194900646300438400310416947100134488003821800000

Fee Structure | Seat Matrix | Cutoff Round 1 | Cutoff Round 2 | Cutoff Round 3 | Cutoffs Round 4 |

RVCE Bangalore KCET 2019 Engineering Round 2 cutoff ranks

Civil Engineering5714838474036473103391953313405690564389500726915199182779336
Chemical Engineering18141136398761070011989315422597643598
Computers Science & Engineering996095658761770612119573463229802793077871993568922131337
Electronics & Communication Engineering27780286010881913873249618231564813519128162689074129993071
Electrical & Electronics Engineering6413178251931614725150517476680693410619
Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering14017452130868415207631256959823943273893570057946
Information Science & Engineering299180296411540717222842328794053352
Industrial Engineering Management908424785125873693615280293451722713827118624571769203
Mechanical Engineering10992662379843373420658014402269715969263519226453109811536810217
Aero Space Engineering1156335417673327234530332766149411777284883186
Telecommunication Engineering237294417527119498725438453511694710013780742676

Fee Structure | Seat Matrix | Cutoff Round 1 | Cutoff Round 2 | Cutoff Round 3 | Cutoffs Round 4 |

RVCE Bangalore KCET 2019 Engineering Round 3 cutoff ranks

Civil Engineering8037856312250111581575519533184641126488791665111551193562459913388
Chemical Engineering255711363675416261171453738267726
Computers Science & Engineering2301195732964177073440411236798298072830778733855689129995815
Electronics & Communication Engineering710178413691640459420777700298815641505204435031148532868254613071
Electrical & Electronics Engineering236794415140595547252912539375511021710619
Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering5850172271442114978207631256959826756273895160157946
Information Science & Engineering52221701703115402165222812744426150616916
Industrial Engineering Management16026447872675662875357926330022105164212588696568
Mechanical Engineering303217789557743376684810980352269715969720732266453134041536815813
Aero Space Engineering133933543033332733962014412097149412608332316721
Telecommunication Engineering60211062975271592989979214100131694714129780738218

Fee Structure | Seat Matrix | Cutoff Round 1 | Cutoff Round 2 | Cutoff Round 3 | Cutoffs Round 4 |

For all other institutes KCET 2019 cut offs and other information do refer to KCET 2019 Cutoffs, Fee and Seat Matrix. For Questions you can either comment you can ask here or ask on InI forum at Ask a Question.

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