Why to do PhD? is the first question on need to ask before doing further research into PhD programs. Answering this question will define what kind of PhD you are going to do and what will you do after your PhD.

There can be many reasons to do PhD and may differ from domain to domain. When I was a grad student I had a chance interact with a lot many grad students from different fields, like Engineering, sciences and arts. Everyone had a different reason, but the most common one was feeling not satisfied with existing knowledge and not being able to make to a great job. Truly speaking thats not a bad reason at all. Few people just want more in life and salary is no exception : )

In this video I tried to cover few reasons that pushed me forward for PhD.

There are many other reasons and situation that helped me to do a quick phd and landed me where I am now. I will be sharing all those phd experiences in coming videos.

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Wish you all a great luck with your decisions.