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JNTUH M.Tech 2017-2018 (R17) Detailed Syllabus Web Technologies and Services

Web Technologies and Services Detailed Syllabus for Web Technology M.Tech first year first sem is covered here. This gives the details about credits, number of hours and other details along with reference books for the course.

The detailed syllabus for Web Technologies and Services M.Tech 2017-2018 (R17) first year first sem is as follows.

M.Tech. I Year I Sem.

Course Objective: The student who has knowledge of programming with java should be able to develop web based
solutions using multi-tier architecture. S/he should have good understanding of different technologies on client and server side components as Follows:

  • Client Side: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Ajax, JQuery and JSON
  • Server Side: Servlets, JSP
  • Database: MySQL with Hibernate and Connection Pooling
  • Framework: Struts with validation framework, Internationalization (I18N)
  • SOA: Service Oriented Architecture, Web services fundamentals, Axis framework for WS

UNIT – I : Client Side Technologies: Overview of HTML – Common tags, XHTML, capabilities of HTML5, Cascading Style sheets, CSS3 enhancements, linking to HTML Pages, Classes in CSS, Introduction to JavaScripts, variables, arrays, methods and string manipulation, BOM/DOM (Browser/Document Object Model), accessing elements by ID, Objects in JavaScript Dynamic HTML with JavaScript and with CSS, form validation with JavaScript, Handling Timer Events Simplifying scripting with JQuery, JASON for Information exchange.

UNIT – II : Introduction to Java Servlets: Introduction to Servlets: Lifecycle of a Servlet, Reading request and initialization parameters, Writing output to response, MIME types in response, Session Tracking: Using Cookies and Sessions, Steps involved in Deploying an application, Database Access with JDBC and Connection Pooling
Introduction to XML, XML Parsing with DOM and SAX Parsers in Java Ajax – Ajax programming with JSP/Servlets, creating XML Http Object for various browsers, Sending request, processing response data and displaying it.
Introduction to Hibernate

UNIT – III : Introduction to JSP: JSP Application Development: Types of JSP Constructs (Directives, Declarations, Expressions, Code Snippets), Generating Dynamic Content, Exception Handling, Implicit JSP Objects, Conditional Processing, Sharing Data Between JSP pages, Sharing Session and Application Data, Using user defined classes with jsp:useBean tag, Accessing a Database from a JSP

UNIT – IV : Introduction to Struts Framework: Introduction to MVC architecture, Anatomy of a simple struts application, struts configuration file, Presentation layer with JSP, JSP bean, html and logic tag libraries, Struts Controller class, Using form data in Actions, Page Forwarding, validation frame work, Internationalization

UNIT – V : Service Oriented Architecture and Web Services: Overview of Service Oriented Architecture – SOA concepts, Key Service Characteristics, Technical Benefits of a SOA Introduction to Web Services– The definition  of web services, basic operational model of web services, basic steps of implementing web services.
Core fundamentals of SOAP – SOAP Message Structure, SOAP encoding, SOAP message exchange models, Describing Web Services –Web Services life cycle, anatomy of WSDL Introduction to Axis– Installing axis web service framework, deploying a java web service on axis. Web Services Interoperability – Creating java and .Net client applications for an Axis Web Service (Note: The Reference Platform for the course will be open source products Apache Tomcat Application Server, MySQL database, Hibernate and Axis)


  • Web Programming, building internet applications, Chris Bates 3rd edition, WILEY Dreamtech .
  • The complete Reference Java 7th Edition, Herbert Schildt., TMH.
  • Java Server Pages,Hans Bergsten, SPD, O’Reilly.
  • Professional Jakarta Struts – James Goodwill, Richard Hightower, Wrox Publishers.
  • Developing Java Web Services, R. Nagappan, R. Skoczylas, R.P. Sriganesh, Wiley India, rp – 2008.
  • Understanding SOA with Web Services, Eric Newcomer and Greg Lomow, Pearson Edition – 2009
  • Java Web Service Architecture, James McGovern, Sameer Tyagi et al., Elsevier – 2009


  • Programming the world wide web, 4th edition, R.W. Sebesta, Pearson
  • Core Servlets and Java Server Pages Volume 1: core Technologies, Marty Hall and Larry Brown Pearson
  • Internet and World Wide Web – How to program, Dietel and Nieto PHI/Pearson.
  • Jakarta Struts Cookbook, Bill Siggelkow, S P D O’Reilly.
  • Professional Java Server Programming, S. Allamaraju & others Apress (dreamtech).
  • Java Server Programming, Ivan Bayross and others, The X Team,SPD
  • Web Warrior Guide to Web Programming – Bai/Ekedaw-Cengage Learning.
  • Beginning Web Programming-Jon Duckett, WROX.

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