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VTU Academic Calendar 2024-2025 UG PG Odd/Even Sem (Pdf) Download

VTU Academic Calendar 2024-2025 UG PG Odd/Even Sem announces Academic Calendar January 2024-2025 for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th & 10th Sem BE, B.Tech, B.Arch, MBA, MCA, M.Tech, M.Arch Students.

Students of VTU can look at the updated VTU Time Table for all semester VTU Results on time as soon as it is released on the official site.

VTU Academic Calendar 2024

SemesterCourseVTU Academic Calendar
4th semMCA/M.Tech/M/Arch/M.PlanVTU MCA/M.Tech/M/Arch/M.Plan 4th sem Academic Calendar 2023-2024
6th semB.E./B.Tech.,VTU B.E./B.Tech., 6th sem Academic Calendar 2023-2024
3rd semMBAVTU 3rd sem MBA Program Revised Academic Calendar 2023-2024
4th semB.E./B.Tech.,VTU Revised tentative 4th sem B.E./B.Tech., Programs academic calendar 2023-2024
3rd & 4th semB.E./B.TechVTU REVISED B.E./B.Tech 3rd & 4th sem Academic Calendar 2023-2024 (Includes Working Professionals)
2nd semB.E./B.Tech/B.Plan/B.Des/B.Arch, 4th sem B.Arch / B.Plan.,VTU 2nd sem B.E./B.Tech/B.Plan/B.Des/B.Arch, 4th sem B.Arch / B.Plan., Academic Calendar 2023-2024
4th semB.Arch/B.Plan,VTU 4th sem B.Arch/B.Plan, Academic Calendar 2023-2024
8th semB.E/B.TEch./B.Arch./B.B,PlanVTU B.E/B.TEch./B.Arch./B.B,Plan 8th sem Academic Calendar 2023-2024
1st semMCA/M.Tech/MBA/M.Arch/M.Plan./M.Sc.VTU Academic Calendar Revised Tentative Academic Calendar of 1st sem MCA/M.Tech/MBA/M.Arch/M.Plan./M.Sc. programs 2023-2024
3rd semB.E/B.TechVTU Revised Academic Calendar 3rd sem B.E/B.Tech 2023-2024
8th semB.E/B.Tech/B.Arch/B.PlanVTU B.E/B.Tech/B.Arch/B.Plan programs 8th sem Revised Academic Calendar 2023-2024
9th semB.Arch.VTU B.Arch. 9th sem Academic Calendar 2023-2024
4th & 6th semB.Sc.,VTU Tentative Academic Calendar B.Sc., 4th and 6th Semesters and B.Arch. IX (Swapped) Semester 2023-2024
3rd semMCA/M.Tech/M.Arch/M.PlanVTU Academic Calendar 3rd sem MCA/M.Tech/M.Arch/M.Plan 2023-2024
3rd semB.E./B.TechVTU Revised Tentative Academic Calendar of 3rd sem B.E./B.Tech
1st semB.E/B.Tech./B.Arch./B.Plan.,VTU B.E/B.Tech./B.Arch./B.Plan.,1st sem Revised Academic Calendar 2023-2024
8th semB.E/B.Tech.,VTU B.E/B.Tech., 8th sem Revised Academic Calendar 2023-2024
1st semB.Sc (Hons)VTU 1st sem B.Sc (Hons) program 3rd & 5th sem Academic Calendar 2023-2024
4th semB.E./B.Tech.VTU B.E./B.Tech. 4th sem (IEV) Program Academic Calendar 2023-2024
1st semB.E./B.Tech./B.Arch B.Plan.VTU B.E./B.Tech./B.Arch B.Plan. 1st sem Academic Calendar 2023-2024
8th semB.E/B.TechVTU Academic Calendar B.E/B.Tech 8th sem 2023-2024
3rd, 5th & 7thB.Plan.VTU B.Plan. 3rd, 5th & 7th semester Academic Calendar 2023
3rd & 5thB.ArchVTU B.Arch 3rd & 5th sem Academic Calendar 2023
7th & 10thB.ArchVTU B.Arch Academic Calendar of 7th & 10th (swapped with 9th) semester
3rd & 5th semB.Sc (Hons)VTU Academic Calendar B.Sc (Hons) 3rd & 5th semester 2023-24
2nd semMBA / M.Tech / M.Arch /
M.Plan / MCA / MBA (IEV)
VTU Tentative Academic Calendar 2nd semester of all PG Programs 2022-2023
2nd semB.E./B.Tech/B.Arch./B.PlanVTU B.E./B.Tech/B.Arch./B.Plan Tentative Academic Calendar 2nd semester (May 2023)
4th semB.E./B.Tech.VTU Academic Calendar 5th semester B.E./B.Tech., (May 2023)
2nd semB.E/B.Tech.,B.ArchVTU Academic Calendar B.E/B.Tech.,B.Arch 2nd sem 2022-2023 (May 2023)
4th semMBA/M.Arch./M.Plan/
VTU Academic Calendar 4th sem MBA/M.Arch./M.Plan/M.Tech./B.Plan./B.Arch
2nd & 4th semB.Sc(Hons)VTU 2nd & 4th sem B.Sc (Hon) Academic Calendar 2023

VTU carries an all-important academic schedule for six months from January to July 2024. Commencement of Even Semester, Last Working day of Even Semester, Practical Examination, Theory Examination, and many more events.

VTU Students can visit VTU official website for all detailed notifications.

All other details and yearly new syllabus, cutoffs, timetable, and other notifications will be updated here from time to time. Subscribe, to us on Facebook for all updates.

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