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Petroleum Engineering 2nd Year 2nd Sem (2-2) Syllabus for B.Tech R18 Regulation JNTUH

Petroleum Engineering (PE) 2nd Year 2nd Sem (2-2) R18 Regulation gives complete syllabus information for PE 2nd Year 2nd Sem (2-2) R18 regulation right from the JNTUH official website and is presented for the B.Tech students affiliated to JNTUH course structure. Follow the links in the scheme table for the detailed syllabus of each subject. We make sure all subjects are up to date and have the latest information. The syllabus PDF files can also be downloaded from the official website of the university.

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Petroleum Engineering (PE) 2nd Year 2nd Sem (2-2) R18 Scheme

S.No.Course CodeSubjectLTPCredits
1PE401ESElements of Mechanical Engineering3003
2PE402PCChemical Engineering Fluid Mechanics3104
3PE403PCPetroleum Geology3104
4PE404PCPetroleum Exploration Methods3104
5PE405PCProcess Heat Transfer3003
6PE406ESMathematical Methods for Petroleum Engineering0021
7PE407PCChemical Engineering Fluid Mechanics Lab0021
8PE408PCProcess Heat Transfer Lab0021
10*MC409Gender Sensitization Lab0020

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