R16 2-1 syllabus for Aeronautical Engineering

JNTUH Second Year First Sem (2-1) Aeronautical Engineering Course Structure for 2016 – 2017 (R16) Batch gives you details about the course structure of B.Tech second year first sem. The syllabus and courses are redesigned and going to be changed from 2016-2017 batch.

All details and yearly new syllabus will be updated here from time to time following the university’s official website. You can also download PDF of the semester schemes from the JNTUHs official website.

This post gives you details about subjects for the second year first sem (2-1) such as course codes, course names, credits and hours of lectures, tutorials, and practice labs. For detailed information click the links in the table.

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Aeronautical Engineering R16 2-1 syllabus

S.NoCourse CodeCourse TitleLT  PCredits
1MA301BSMathematics – IV 4 1  0  4
2ME301ESFluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines 4 1  0  4
3AE302ESAircraft Production Technology 3 0  0  3
4ME303ESMechanics of Solids 3 0  0  3
5ME304ESThermodynamics 4 1  0  4
6AE305ESAircraft Production Technology Lab 0 0  3  2
7ME307ESMechanics of Solids Lab 0 0  3  2
8ME310ESFluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines Lab 0 0  3  2
9*MC300HSGender Sensitization Lab 0 0  3  0
  Total Credits 18  3 12 24

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