JNTUH B.Tech 2016-2017 (R16) Detailed Syllabus Mine Mechanization – I

Mine Mechanization – I Detailed Syllabus for B.Tech second year second sem is covered here. This gives the details about credits, number of hours and other details along with reference books for the course.

The detailed syllabus for Mine Mechanization – I B.Tech 2016-2017 (R16)  second year second sem is as follows.

B.Tech. II Year II Sem.    L/T/P/C
Course Code: MN401ES 4/1/0/4

Course Objectives:
To extract and transport the minerals to the required processing unit/ utilization point variety of machines are used in the mining industry. In this course the student gets acquainted with a few machinery including brief details of the machine parts, their working principles, operation and maintenance in addition to the machine installation, commissioning and safety aspects.

Course Outcomes:
After going through this course, the student will have basic knowledge of installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance and safety aspects of the mining machinery viz., different types of rope haulages, mine locomotives, conveyors, laying of rail tracks for rope haulages and locomotives. In addition, he gains knowledge of the prime movers for the machinery and power transmission mechanisms.

UNIT-I Prime Movers for Mining Machinery:
I.C. engines, hydraulic power, pneumatic power, elements of mechanical power transmission, Types of couplings, clutches, brakes, gear drives, belt drives, chain drives-advantages and limitations of each drive

UNIT-II Rope haulage:
Construction of the wire ropes, rope haulages – gravity, direct, balanced direct, main & tail, endless. Suitability of these haulages and their limitations. Dimension of ropes, drums and pulleys, care and maintenance of ropes, changing of haulage ropes, rope splicing, safety appliances on haulage road, signaling, Statutory requirements of haulages.

UNIT-III Track Laying:
Rail, joints, crossings, plates, turn tables and curves, track extension, Aerial Ropeways: Types, construction, operation, Applications, advantages and limitations.

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  • Elements of Mining Technology Vol. III, D.J. Deshmukh
  • Mine Transport – Karelin


  • Mining and Transport – Walker.
  • Introduction to Mining Engineers – Hartman. H.L.

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