JNTUH B.Tech 2016-2017 (R16) Detailed Syllabus Manufacturing Process Lab

Manufacturing Process Lab Detailed Syllabus for B.Tech second year second sem is covered here. This gives the details about credits, number of hours and other details along with reference books for the course.

The detailed syllabus for Manufacturing Process Lab B.Tech 2016-2017 (R16)  second year second sem is as follows.

B.Tech. II Year II Sem.     L/T/P/C
Course Code: ME408ES   0/0/3/2
Pre-requisites: Manufacturing Technology

Course Objectives:

  • Know about the basic Physical, Chemical Properties of materials
  • Explain why some material(s) are better to be used in a product for given design requirements
  • Learn the basic operation of various manufacturing processes
  • Learn how various products are made using traditional, non-traditional, or Electronics manufacturing processes
  • Design simple process plans for parts and products
  • Understand how process conditions are set for optimization of production
  • Learn how CNC machines work
  • Write and execute CNC machining programs to cut parts on a milling machine
  • Measure a given manufactured part to evaluate its size, tolerances and surface finish
  • Design and fabricate a simple product

Course Outcomes:Understanding the properties of moulding sands and pattern making. Fabricate joints using gas welding and arc welding. Evaluate the quality of welded joints. Basic idea of press working tools and performs moulding studies on plastics.

Minimum of 12 Exercises need to be performed

  1. Metal Casting Lab:
    1. Pattern Design and making – for one casting drawing.
    2. Sand properties testing – Exercise -for strengths, and permeability – 1
    3. Moulding Melting and Casting – 1 Exercise
  2. Welding Lab:
    1. ARC Welding Lap & Butt Joint – 2 Exercises
    2. Spot Welding – 1 Exercise
    3. TIG Welding – 1 Exercise
    4. Plasma welding and Brazing – 2 Exercises (Water Plasma Device)
  3. Mechanical Press Working:
    1. Blanking & Piercing operation and study of simple, compound and progressive press tool.
    2. Hydraulic Press: Deep drawing and extrusion operation.
    3. Bending and other operations
  4. Processing Of Plastics
    1. Injection Moulding
    2. Blow Moulding

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  • Dictionary of Mechanical Engineering – G.H.F. Nayler, Jaico Publishing House.

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