JNTUH B.Tech 2016-2017 (R16) Detailed Syllabus Aircraft Performance

Aircraft Performance Detailed Syllabus for B.Tech second year second sem is covered here. This gives the details about credits, number of hours and other details along with reference books for the course.

The detailed syllabus for Aircraft Performance B.Tech 2016-2017 (R16)  second year second sem is as follows.

B.Tech. II Year II Sem.    L/T/P/C
Course Code: AE403ES    4/1/0/4

UNIT- I Introduction To Airplane Performance: The role and design mission of an Aircraft,
Specification of the Performance requirements and mission profile, Importance of performance analysis, estimation, measurement, operational safety and economy, Scheduled performance and operational performance of the Aircraft, The standard atmosphere, Offstandard and design atmosphere, Measurements of air data, Air data computers.

UNIT- II Basic Aerodynamic And Propulsion Characteristics: Source of aerodynamic forces,
Aerodynamic lift, drag and moment, Aerodynamic coefficients, Variation of lift, drag, moment co-efficient, Aerodynamic centre, Lift and drag build up-Lift for the finite wing, Wing body combinations, Drag, Drag polar, Side force, Drag reduction methods, Aerodynamic relationships for a parabolic drag polar, Thrust and efficiency, Types of engines, Reciprocating engines, Turbojet engines, Turbofan, Turboprop, Variation of power, thrust, specific fuel consumption with velocity and altitude, Afterburning.

UNIT- III Airplane Performance-Steady Flight: Equations of motion for steady level flight, Thrust required-graphical and analytical approach, Fundamental parameters-Thrust to Weight ratio,
Wing loading, Lift to Drag ratio, Thrust available, Maximum velocity of the airplane, Power required, Power available and Maximum velocity, Drag divergence mach number, Effect of drag divergence on maximum velocity, Minimum velocity, Stall and High lift devices. Gliding flight-Glide angle and Sinking speed, Glide range and Endurance, Climbing flight, Rate of climb, Climb angle, Time to climb, Service and Absolute ceiling, Range-Range for a propeller driven airplane, Range for a jet propelled airplane, Endurance- Endurance for a propeller driven airplane, Endurance for a jet propelled airplane.

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  • Edward Lewis Houghton, N. B. Carruthers, Aerodynamics for Engineering Students, Butterworth – Heineman, 5th Edition, 2003.


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