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EC407PC: Ic Applications Lab ECE Syllabus for B.Tech 2nd Year 2nd Sem R18 Regulation JNTUH

Ic Applications Lab detailed syllabus for Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE), 2nd Year 2nd Sem R18 regulation has been taken from the JNTUH official website and presented for the B.Tech students affiliated to JNTUH course structure. For Course Code, Subject Names, Theory Lectures, Tutorial, Practical/Drawing, Credits, and other information do visit full semester subjects post given below. We make sure the result links and syllabus uploaded here is latest and up to date, also the syllabus PDF files can also be downloaded from the universities official website.

For Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE) 2nd Year 2nd Sem R18 Regulation Scheme, do visit ECE 2nd Year 2nd Sem R18 Scheme. The detailed syllabus for ic applications lab is as follows.

Ic Applications Lab Subject Syllabus for ECE 2nd Year 2nd Sem R18 Regulation

Note: Verify the functionality of the IC in the given application

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Design and Implementation of:

  1. Inverting and Non-Inverting Amplifiers using Op Amps
  2. Adder and Subtractor using Op Amp.
  3. Comparators using Op Amp.
  4. Integrator Circuit using IC 741.
  5. Differentiator Circuit using Op Amp.
  6. Active filter Applications-LPF, HPF (First Order)
  7. IC 741 waveform Generators-Sine, Square wave and Triangular Waves.
  8. Mono-Stable Multivibrator using IC 555.
  9. Astable multivibrator using IC 555.
  10. Schmitt Trigger Circuits using IC 741.
  11. IC 565-PLL Applications.
  12. Voltage Regulator using IC 723
  13. Three terminal voltage regulators-7805, 7809, 7912

Major Equipments required for Laboratories:

  1. 5 V Fixed Regulated Power Supply/ 0-5V or more Regulated Power Supply.
  2. 20 MHz Oscilloscope with Dual Channel.
  3. Bread board and components/ Trainer Kit.
  4. Multimeter.

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