All About Education Forums Electronics and Communication Engineering job prospects after in nanotech?

      1. Neha Goyal

        I m an ec student ,presently in 4th yr , m thinking of doing in nanotechnolgy as its a new field and hv apps in so many fields.I want to go fr job aftr and lecturerhp in long m bit cnfused regadng employmnt in india other than research after in nanotech….plz answer at the earliest.

      1. Hi goyal,

        I’m sorry to say that you donot have much job oppurtunities after Mtech in nanotech in india , as far as i know. Its still a developing field even in foregn countries. But for sure its the leader in the future but nt now…!! you find a lot of scopee in research in this field in india and abroad. but jobs wise u have many other courses like VLSI,CONTROL systems,communication enggg. etc.if you want a handsome pay with a career in nano you should go abroad…even for research they’ll pay u more..!!if u want to settle in india and ok with research and teaching u can stay back and try for an admission in top colleges in india…since u want to go for teaching in long run choose a good college in india and try to go for research…i may not be the right candidate to give u advice but cnt just keep queit!! 🙂

      1. Raghu

        hi fellows,
        currently i am doing in nanotech.can anyone please tell some job opportunities after or some good colleges for in nanotechnology

      1. i m a ee&e . want to do in nanotechnology . is it possible without gate n govt colleges . also tell me some good institues offering in nanotech and procedure to enroll .

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