1. Sai

        hi sir,
        My name is sandeep completed my M.tech in 2012 branch Telecommunication networks. I want to do Phd sir. present working as Asst.professor. question is Deemed university Phd valid or not universities like SRM, VIT.

      1. Zahid

        Yes these PhDs are valid. If you dont find yourself too ambitious your can definitely try that : )

      1. Joly

        Hello sir,I have had a bad academic career in BE but apart from that I have done ok so far but lost a few years in between.
        XII th-74%
        and currently working as an asst prof. for above one year and earning 35000 per month
        I want to grow my career and do pHD but can not afford to lose my job as I am 30.
        what are my options and is Amity University a decent option if i go for non-sponsored pHD paying my own money?

      1. sir what is the time duration for phd after m.tech and b.tech and the min and max time duration also sir?

      1. Respected sir,
        I am in serious confusion . in some faculty requirtment ads i have found the eligibility criteria to be first class in b tech and m tech along with phd does it mean that i will be ineligible to join the post if i have done the phd just after my b tech .

      1. Hello Sir

        I.I.T Bombay Phd admissions are out for Dec 2013. In the online form, they have mentioned to upload the Statement of purpose or research proposal. Sir can you help us with it. How to write statement of purpose?

        With Gratitude

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