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      1. Hi Sir,

        “All About Education” is informative.Thank you.
        I have finished M.E in computer science and Engineering.I want to do my Ph.D in Multi-core architecture or Parallel Processing.I don’t want do it for name sake or for the benefit of my career.I was working as a lecturer in CSE Dept in a private college till last year.I have 3.5 years experience in teaching.I just cannot say how much I am in interested in computer architecture. I am just getting mad that I want to get filled with knowledge of computer architecture.I love teaching and I should be able to teach with a solid knowledge on computer architecture.I am married and I have a kid of 3.8 years old.What is the best option for me to do a Ph.D in computer Architecture?I am ready to do a full time Ph.D also.Please help. I am not able to decide inspite of browsing various options.

      1. Zahid

        Its really amazing to see the someone is so energetic to do PhD. For you the best option is to visit IITs websites look for professors doing research in Computer Architecture. Once you selected institute just apply for them and attend their written tests and interviews.

        Wish you really a great luck ahead n hope to see you as computer architect.

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