Reply To: Phd for academic career!!

  1. Zahid

    Nice discussions you pitched here.

    1. Stay for a while and think why do they ask for a phd to teach? Most of the people do phd also dont know why they are doing it : )
    The original idea is to make a better teacher. If you invent thats great but if you learn a subject in depth you can teach students to that depth.
    Just reading from book and teaching (mostly these days even teachers dont know what are they teaching).
    Otherwise teaching become just a medium to make money rather than a pleasure to transfer knwoldge.

    2. You can only finish phd in short time from a great institute. They have the gutts to defend your work and power to protect the value of their degree. In normal universities it takes more time because they dont know when to say your work is done and there are lots of useless procedures.

    3. Mr. X can not became Prof. without PhD and there is a three band difference between these two salaries. Without a phd in acads you can never reach a good point in salary. Yes you can make more money by taking tutions outside, if you get popular.

    Hope I answered all ques.

    Wish you a great luck ahead.