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  1. @Nirbhay, Truly speaking, if you are getting a job, opt for it as doing M.Tech is not a great option.
    Whatever is your opinion, I will say one thing. According to me, social & economical power is the most important factor & not the number of degrees you pose. It doesn’t matter, what’s your knowledge level or how much you had studied; After 10 years, it’s just the money & social reputation matters.

    I am from CSE background. So, just narrating about the CSE. Doing M.Tech from IIT kanpur in CSE can provide you a package of 15-17 lakhs in the best possible case. Again, it needs 2 years of extensive study. Similar or lower case is applicable for civil from IIT Delhi.

    If you are from a reputed college, palcement is a sure thing & again higher package level in your own domain is possible.

    So, you are at the safe side. If your command over the GK is great, I will recommend you to opt for the civil services.

    Well, I had completed my Engineering from BIT Mesra in 2011. I got placement in 3 companies of which Dell was providing the best package of 6.5 lakhs.

    Again, I had cracked GATE with 97.5 percentile (Around 3300 rank in general category, that time both 3rd & 4th year student had appeared). Well, I had an option to get a seat in top NITs & if luck had helped in poor IITs.

    At the same time, I got 98.9 percentile in CAT & switched to IIM-Ranchi, just because package level after MBA from IIM is far better than M.Tech from IIT. Here, minimum 10 lakh package is sure & average is 15 lakhs whereas in IIT, 15-17 lakhs is for the best one!

    I love CSE a lot but that will not help me to get superb reputation while working in India. Be practical & switch to better alternatives.
    You can read more about my condition at the following page of this website by searching with the term “Mohit”

    What You Will Be If Not An Engineer?

    I also want to become IAS but my GK is a lot poor. If your GK is great, switch to IAS, at least, you will be able to qualify the state level Administrative exams, which is far better than M.Tech from IIT-Delhi. You will have superb social power & regarding package, it’s unlimited (Via bribe)!

    You have a backup of your B.Tech/B.E. college that job is a sure. So, go & crack IAS or atleast state level Administrative exams from which you will positioned at the BDO rank, means Block ka baap!

    From my experience, it’s around 25-28 lakhs in case of BDO & DSP!
    Again, dadagiri in your block as well as in the whole country, kahi bhi jao, wo rutba to rahega hi, kisi bhi thana me jao, bolo I am DSP/BDO of this place, Inspector-in charge uth kar salam thokega, kisi bhi dukan/showroom me jao, apne rate par saman kharido. Koi bhi government/private office me instantly kaam hoga!

    What will you get from that useless M.Tech from IIT-Delhi? Ghanta!