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  1. Dont worry Vineet, i have the same problem which you have, I am giving Gate forum’s mock test series, have given 4 so far and consistently scoring 46-49, lol no more no less… But u knw, as far as myself is concerned, after each paper, i learn something new, Gateforum ppl make paper of enough difficulty level and they ask question never been asked b4 in gate, so when i encounter them in the mock test, i may fail to answer some of them correctly, but after the paper i can study all the concepts needed to solve that question at home.. So this increments my knowledge, but again in the next mock test, they ask something new again, which again makes me study about that, Yes i worry sometimes about my non-increasing score in the tests, but i know that after giving 12 such tests, I’ll know much more and will be prepared much more than b4..
    Vineet, what you score in mock tests doesnt matter, but what you learn after giving them matters,, thats what mock tests are for.. So dnt leave the question which you are unable to answer in the tests till you become able to solve such questions if ever asked again. 🙂