Reply To: ELECTRICAL Engineering GATE

  1. Coming to Prep. Plan
    1. Collect materials & previous Gate papers.
    2. Do n’t waste time on plan making…i mean again & again planning…
    3. We do requried standard books …according to our Iq..
    4. Start preparing in sessions of two ….morning & evening…simultaneously maintaing work or college
    5. First session target core subjects
    & second session target out of core subjects
    6. See the pattern of questions asking in gate before & after studying the basic topics.
    7. Give priority to high weightage subjects
    8. Don’t break plans & if u miss the plan…don’t worry…grasp the basics in sunday or holiday periods
    9. Revision makes perfect…new motto for Gate
    10. Always make short notes during revision & repeat second revision from short notes
    11. MOCK tests will help a lot..subscribe as listed
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