Reply To: Doubts in Manufacturing & Industrial Engineering :(

  1. first of all sorry for such long delay 🙁
    Anyway I think the data given is incomplete in this question that’s why now I am giving u only formulas:
    a) For Latent heat calculate “B” from the formula as:
    t = B * [(Casting modulus)^n]
    t = Solidification Time (given)
    B = Mold Constant
    n = 1.5 to 2 (Take 2 if not given)
    Then after finding “B” calculate Latent heat as:

    B = {[(ρm*L)/(Tm-T0)]^2}*{[3.1428/(4*K*ρ*C)]}*{1+[(Cm*ΔTs)/L]}

    Tm = melting or freezing temperature of the liquid
    To = initial temperature of the mold
    ΔTs = Tpour − Tm = superheat
    L = latent heat of fusion
    K = thermal conductivity of the mold
    ρ = density of the mold
    C = specific heat of the mold
    ρm = density of the metal
    Cm = specific heat of the metal

    b) For Fluidity of Short Freezing Range Alloys the formula is,
    Fluidity Distance, Lf = V * t

    V = flow velocity
    t = solidification time

    If the data is not given in the problem then take any appropriate material & take respective data & put it in formula… 🙂

    Well I don’t think this kind of question can be asked in GATE; if asked then it should be deserve 10 marks lol …
    Hope this could satisfied you a bit…. … .. .