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  1. Hey, i need a suggestion. Actually, i am a bit confused and am in need of a proper guidance. Presently, I am a 2012 pass out mechanical engineer and am working in a garment manufacturing company as a Industrial Engineer. I don’t see myself going in a right direction with this job. Not to mention that i am not satisfied with the job too. It has been 10 months since i started to work here but still after such long time I do not see the correct future for myself here.
    So, I am planning to resign from this job and prepare for the GATE2014.
    This is where the confusion starts, I am not very sure to get forward with it or not. If I go for GATE then i have only 5 months max available with me to prepare for it. Will that be enough? Since, I have a constant fear, What if i quit my job and couldn’t perform well in GATE. One more year will be wasted and after Feb-March i will again be in the same situation with no job and one more long year ahead. So please give me some suggestions. At this moment, I know that I want to prepare hard for that exam and will do that too but as you know the fear cant be overcome so easily. Can i do well if i study hard? Can the job quitting decision serve me well? Will I continue to have this strong determination for the next 5 months or will i falter?
    These are the questions which keep confusing me. Need suggestions.