Why IITs Are Different From Other Top Institutes

This is always a hot topic for us during lunch time even after 8 yrs of graduation and working life. I am highly biased and kind of advocate of IIT superiority. Don’t get me wrong here, I really love and respect everyone who has done anything great. I also don’t just go with IIT tag(…)

What is G1, G2, G3 in CCMT and How would I know..?

We were working really hard on CCMT GATE cutoff calculator and college predictor, I saw a term called group and thought would skip it to save some space on my server. To decide to drop some column at InI I need to have a strong reason, because a little hard and smart work from our(…)

KCET Cutoffs and Closing Ranks 2014

It’s been a long weekend without any proper rest to crunch all big KCET cutoff pdf files into machine eatable data : D at the end I enjoyed making it happen with hope that students dont have to spend their too much time into digging the pdf and come up confusing. InI made a tool(…)

Dear Mom and Dad, Pls Help Me Succeed

Dear Mom and Dad, You have been amazing parents. Whenever I think of you I feel grateful to almighty for giving such a great parents, who take care of me every single step. You always think of my comfort, success and status event at the cost of your comfort and life. When I was young(…)

Top Engineering Courses in India

It’s been eight years I left IIT and started working in one of the leading companies in the world. I learned a lot about importance of different engineering courses and see them used every day at my work place. This gave me great insight to put this forward. Long time back I wrote a post(…)

Centralized Counseling for M. Tech. / M. Arch. / M. Plan. (CCMT) Admissions 2015

Application are invited for admission into master degree in different NITs and reputed universities through centralized Counseling for M.Tech./ M.Arch./ M.Plan. (CCMT) is a convenient platform for the students to apply for M.Tech./ M.Arch./ M.Plan. programmes, based on their GATE score of years 2014 and 2015, in 28 NITs and reputed Centrally Funded Technical Institutions(…)

IIIT Delhi M.Tech Admissions 2015

IIIT Delhi invites applications for master of engineering (M.Tech) in various departments such as Computer Science and Engineering and Electronics and Communication engineering departments. Master of Technology degree is offered in CSE and ECE departments under Information security, Mobile Computing and CS, where ECE specializations are VLSI & Embedded Systems and communication & signal processing.(…)