M.Tech Admissions 2016 Without GATE

M.Tech Admissions 2016 Without GATE covers almost all non GATE M.Tech admissions and alternative exams to GATE. Most of the student don’t get satisfied with their level of knowledge in B.Tech and feel it’s important for them to go Master degree (M.Tech) as a necessary way to go ahead in life. Unfortunately when you are(…)

CCMT 2015 GATE Cutoffs

CCMT 2015 cutoff information and tool is finally here. We have taken at most care in turning the official data into a simple and easy to use tool for students. CCMT stands for Centralized Counseling for M.Tech/ M.Plan admissions. The admission include all NITs, few central universities and other institutions. Initially started only for NITs(…)

GATE 2015 Qualifying Marks

GATE 2015 Qualifying marks is a great information for students who just started their GATE preparations and looking for ways to evaluate their progress. Students can take practice tests and see where they stand on a year to year basis. If they are at danger end they can classify few important subjects and focus on(…)

Number of M.Tech Seats in IIT Guwahati 2015

Number of seats in any IIT for M.Tech gives a great idea about where one can get in after GATE exam or results. It will also help them to apply to specific colleges to save money on application and travel and more importantly help them make a choice during conflict. With this quest we started(…)

Total Number of M.Tech Seats in NITs 2015

Total number of M.Tech seats in NITs is very useful information for student looking for M.Tech admissions. These figures change year to year based on number of new courses NITs offer. But mostly remain same or very close the number mentioned in the blow tables. To make it clear and easy we made a separation(…)

Top Marks In GATE 2015

Preparing for GATE is a challenging task and with the increased competition is also became immensely important to know previous years details about GATE exam. To Marks or Highest marks in GATE 2015 gives one an idea about where they are standing compared to previous year exams results. One side it gives students confidence that(…)

GATE Score Calculator Based on GATE 2015 Data

GATE Score Calculator Based on GATE 2015 Data is finally here to check your scores on given marks in 2016. Presently the online GATE score calculator give GATE score based on GATE 2013, GATE 2014 and GATE 2015 gate statistics. We call it GATE score calculator for GATE 2016, as it’s based on GATE 2015(…)